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What is a meal replacement?

A meal replacement is a drink, bar, soup, etc. intended as a substitute for a solid food meal, usually with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. They come in a variety of formulations – including powders, shakes, bars and soups. These partial meal replacements are designed to replace one or two of your daily meals. While they are definitely not a replacement for healthy eating and regular exercise, they can be a useful dietary tool. Meal replacements can be useful for those who are time-poor and find it difficult to cook healthy food at home.

What the hell is a nu pod?

A nu pod is a single serve meal replacement or supplement. We have designed our pods to work with our customised shaker, so you can fuel yourself on the go. You fill your shaker with water or coconut water, place the pod into the cap, press the cap down on the neck, shake and enjoy. Seriously, a complete meal in seconds. Made for good people who make bad food choices.

How many calories in each Nu Pod?

Our first Nu Pod we are releasing will have 360 Calories per Nu Pod. We will be releasing different versions for athletes or weight loss in the future which will have a different calorie and macronutrient values per pod. You can see more nutritional facts about our first formula here.

What flavours do they come in?

At the moment we formulating a few different flavour options like the famous Chocolate, Matcha Tea & Vanilla (our favourite!), Caramel and Double Espresso.

What is the nutritional breakdown of Nu Pods

Nutritional fact sheet for Nu Pods, Chocolate Flavour

We have carefully selected our ingredients to contain the macronutrients and micronutrients your body wants to survive and thrive. We use a Low GI carbohydrate, a plant-based protein, some really yummy almond meal for good fat content and combine that with a multivitamin and a hit of fibre. You can have a look at our label for our first product below.

Why is there sugar in my Nu Pods?

Nu Pods use a carbohydrate called PALATINOSE composed of glucose and fructose. It has a Glycemic Index of 32, which is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels, keeping you fuller for longer, helps your focus and concentration and allows higher rates of fat oxidization.

Check out our Nutritional Facts page for more details.

Can I live on Nu Pods and only Nu Pods for the rest of my life?

Nu pods are designed to replace a meal, not become your sole source of nutrition.  Although technically possible, nothing can beat a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and fats. We designed the nu pods as a way for people on the run to squeeze in a meal instead of skipping a meal or making a poor food choice. Always seek professional advice from a healthcare professional before using our products.

Where are your pods and shakers made?

We have secured manufacturing of our shakers in China and are currently in talks with our pods and ingredients manufacturing partners. We will keep you posted when we have confirmed all of our production and sources.

What flavours do they come in?

At the moment we formulating a few different flavour options like the famous Chocolate, Matcha Tea & Vanilla (our favourite!), Caramel and Double Espresso. We would love to hear what flavours you would like us to make!

How can I dispose of my Nu Pods?

One of our core values is to be good to our environment. We designed the nu pods to be compostable so you can pop them in your home compost or your green bin. The pods are designed to OK Compost standards EN 14323. These are some of the strictest composting standards in the world. Always dispose of your nu pods thoughtfully.

How do I buy Nu Pods?

We are currently putting together all the final details before we launch our nu pods to the public. If you would like to stay up to date for our crowdfunding campaign, subscribe to our list and we can give you some mates rates!

Are the shakers free from BPA?

Yes, we make our shakers from Tritan, which is a BPA-free plastic — it is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenol compounds, such as bisphenol S (BPS). Translation: NO NASTY STUFF! Tritan is impact-resistant and can be used without fear of shattering. Meaning you could probably play football with it, although not recommended as a football replacement.

Still more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with us and we will answer them for you.

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