Nutritional Facts

Why is there sugar in my Nu Pods?

Nu Pods use a carbohydrate called PALATINOSE composed of glucose and fructose. It has a Glycemic Index of 32, which is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels, keeping you fuller for longer, helps your focus and concentration and allows higher rates of fat oxidization.

Higher rates of fat oxidization

When compared with other ingested carbohydrates, PALATINOSE allows higher rates of fat oxidation to fuel energy demanding processes in the body. This is due to a slower, steadier, and longer time for release of glucose into blood allows the supply of carbohydrate energy to be steady for longer—meanwhile creating a more advantageous metabolic profile.

Slow and sustained energy release

Compared with sucrose, the absorption of energy as carbohydrate from Palatinose is prolonged. This results in steady and sustained energy supply to the body as is reflected in the shape of the blood glucose response, which demonstrates the slow and sustained release of energy from this dietary carbohydrate.

Cognitive performance

Carbohydrates and the glucose they supply influence cognitive performance. The sustained glucose release from PALATINOSE over higher Glycemic Index carbohydrates has shown improvements in mood and memory after the isomaltulose through several studies.


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